Welcome to The SylvesterMashilo Foundation

Our Vision and Purpose

A future equal society that is free of violence and supports the attainment of our potentials.

We are creating a safer and better world for our children by supporting our communities through programs that build our boys, intentional parenting interventions and holding men accountable to display compassionate manhood. We will achieve these ideals by changing mindsets through unlearning and learning.

Our Values

We as a Foundation subscribe to the following Values:

  • Integrity & Accountability, for the SMF Integrity and Accountability means that we are honest in how we conduct ourselves as members of SMF and in our interaction with external stakeholders. We do not only account for every cent that has been gifted to the Foundation for public good but we are intentional in delivering a return on investment for all our stakeholders . We hold ourselves to the highest standards for ethical conduct and morality.
  • Forgiveness & Reconciliation, for the SMF Forgiveness & Reconciliation means that we identify and appreciate the strides that we have made as a country to heal the brokenness suffered by our people. We identify and appreciate that there are still many injustices and inequalities that persist in our maturing democracy. It is the intention of the Foundations work to promote and actively engage in work to heal a broken people as a result of family breakdowns, the absence of fathers and the legacy systems that men have created to the harm of vulnerable groups.
  • Trust & Safety, for the SMF Trust & Safety means that we are, transparent, open, accessible, courageous and promote not only a feeling of safety but an experience of being safe throughout our work and interactions with all our stakeholders.

Our Targets for 2021-2024

Our Strategic Plan for 2021-2024 is focused on addressing GBVF as a crime against the less vulnerable. Our interventions are largely preventative, proactive and positive in approach. 

Boys Mentorship

A target of 1500 boys in lifelong mentorship from one stage of life to another.

Fatherhood Network

A target of 500 men actively involved in building themselves while initiating a new generation of men.

Motherhood Network

A target of 300 women actively involved in a series of programs to rebuild family values.

Sports for Change

A target of 25 000 participants using sports to raise a social message on the importance of Fatherhood

Lessons from Fathers Research

A target of 1000 in our Research Study that will culminate in the publishing of a book titled "Lessons from Fathers: A collection of reflections"

SMF Pledge

A total of 40 000 men who take the SMF Pledge. Men in solidarity for a better society.

Fatherhood New Year's Run/Walk 2022

On 08 January 2022 our Fatherhood Running Club hosted the inaugural Fatherhood New Year's Run/Walk in partnership with the City of Johannesburg. While the weather in the lead up to the start of the race was not kind we saw glorious sunshine as soon as the Executive Mayor of Johannesburg, Dr Mpho Phalatse, officially opened the race. See the bright smiles taken from the day here.

Official Results from the Fatherhood New Year's Run/Walk 2022

FINAL_Fatherhood New Years Run 2022 Results.pdf

We invite you to take this survey that will culminate in a series of books written By Fathers as a collection of practices, thoughts and ideas around the raising of children. Your contribution to this project of nation building is invaluable. Click here

Join our Fatherhood Running Club (Open to ALL)

Media Statement in the wake of the violence and looting in some parts of South Africa

Statement by the SylvesterMashilo Foundation_13072021.pdf